Cordless Electric Soldering Iron - Aussie rechargeable irons.

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* Powered by protected lithium ion rechargeable batteries.
* Quick recharge in 2-3 hours.
* Battery Cells (Panasonic) & IC made in Japan.
* Copper core element - ready to solder in under 7 seconds.
* Enough heat to solder 10 AWG (6mm) wire.
* Recessed switch designed for safety: iron only heats while switch is held down.
* Rugged 6061 grade aluminium body with powder coated finish and knurled grip.
* Anti-roll design with raised pins to prevent the iron from rolling.
* Direct plug in to recharge the batteries, Must use the charger that was supplied.
* Interchangeable tips: a range of tips are available (sold separately) to suit precision    jobs to heavy duty work. 
* Dimensions: 24cm Long x 4.5cm Diameter & weighs 380grams.
Complete cord-free operation.  Recharge anywhere - never run out of gas.
Safe for air travel with element detached.  Suitable for use in high wind environments.
Larger model available - check my website.